New MIQS Report Tool Makes CMS Audit Compliance Easy

Boulder, CO
, July 20, 2015 -- MIQS announces the release of a robust reporting function that nearly instantaneously generates all information required to meet the demands of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) ESRD Core Quality audits, commonly referred to as Facility Surveys.  

The MIQS ESRD Core Quality Report produces all the data that auditors seek and in the exact format of the auditor’s worksheet. With MIQS‘ new tool, facilities will no longer have to scramble to run multiple reports, extract pertinent data points, and crunch the numbers to meet the audit’s requirements.  MIQS is the only dialysis clinical software provider to furnish clients with this essential new tool, and it is being provided at no additional charge to all current users of the MIQS Clinical software. 

“The MIQS Core Survey Data Worksheet report is a huge time saver with many advantages. Not only does it capture all elements required for the CMS surveyor, it also provides the percent that met goal. It is user friendly, easy to run and print, and is in the format of the Core Survey Data Worksheet. These enhancements increase productivity so staff can spend more time with patients,” said Betty Ringrose. R.N., of Liberty Administrative Services, a MIQS client. “In addition, MIQS has bundled all patient-related reports required within 3 hours of the surveyor entering the facility. Having bundled reports goes a long way to reduce the stress in providing the information timely.” 

Without using the MIQS ESRD Core Quality Report, CMS annual audits are an anxious and labor-intensive process. The audits are unannounced and facilities are required to produce a broad array of QAPI data sets within 3 hours of the auditor’s unscheduled arrival.

As part of their Conditions for Coverage, CMS introduced the audit program to ensure that dialysis centers achieved specified minimum quality results in their patients.  

“The quality focus that CMS is pursuing through the Core Quality audits is important for patients and the industry,” said Company founder, nephrologist Victor E. Pollak, M.D. “From our beginning, MIQS’ mission has been to provide software that supports and enables quality patient care, so we are very pleased to be the first vendor to use its expertise toward drastically simplifying the compliance process.  This is another example of our long tradition of supporting our customers in this field.”

About MIQS

MIQS was formed in 1990 by Dr. Pollak to provide physicians with comprehensive healthcare data needed to treat complicated disease states.  Since then, MIQS has developed, licensed, and supported award-winning clinical and financial software systems used to manage patients in dialysis centers. The company’s systems have demonstrably contributed to improved patient outcomes while decreasing costs as recognized in peer-reviewed articles.   

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“MIQS has become the central mechanism by which we operate our program. Having immediate access to patients’ current medication records, lab data, patient history and office notes has gone from fantasy to reality. There is no going back to the old way of doing business.”

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