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MIQS is excited to be part of the Constellation Kidney Group family.

MIQS, Inc. was formed in 1990 to create a new, more advanced, electronic medical record product that fully exploited the recent advances in computer technology.  Specifically MIQS used advanced, powerful and efficient enterprise-level relational database software, client-server architecture, and network structures. Founders John P. Flynn and Victor E. Pollak, M.D., are still active in the company's development of the application.

Our dialysis software has been well-recognized for the power it gives in delivery of high-quality care. A case study on our dialysis software was awarded a Computerworld Smithsonian medal in 1998 and accorded a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institution's History of Information Technology in the National Museum of American History. In 2008 Sybase awarded MIQS the 8th Annual Innovator Award for designing this information management system. MIQS' EMR/EHR offers the only integrated patient centric, unified clinical and financial software solutions on the dialysis market. In 2009 MIQS was once again recognized by Computerworld when they awarded MIQS the 21st Century Award.

Chronic ESRD patients require lifetime care from many providers across many disciplines. MIQS dialysis software brings that all together and more. Giving doctors access to complete lifetime medical records for each patient, the novel coded structure of the MIQS EMR/EHR is still the leading technology for such a product. Still in 2012, this analytic approach to patient care continues as the foundation of MIQS' new generation of healthcare information management solutions. In the peer-reviewed medical literature a nine-year, 4,000 patient years study clearly demonstrated favorable effects on patient mortality and staff costs. To meet new and expanding clinical, financial, and administrative needs the software is enhanced continuously - over 500 enhancements in a typical year.

Over 6,500 clinicians (physicians, nurses, patient care technicians, dietitians, social workers, and pharmacists) use our products in over 190 different locations. MIQS is used to manage business and clinical processes in the care of chronically ill patients with renal disease, renal failure, transplantation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS and other high-cost illnesses. MIQS' dialysis software is also used to manage new drug trials and other clinical studies.

Installations range from small dialysis clinics to a regional health care delivery system. One installation completely integrates the clinical services of an entire Canadian province - it's the first such system in Canada. It involves six regional health districts and Ministry of Health.


MIQS is a privately held Colorado corporation; MIQS' investors include individuals dedicated to improving healthcare.


Daniel S. Morrow
Computerworld Smithsonian Award Program

“One of the most important applications of informant technology to society this year.”

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