The MIQS management team is a highly experienced group of individuals committed to improving healthcare information management. It includes:

Michael Davis - President, CEO

Michael Davis is an enthusiastic executive with over 20 years experience providing hands-on leadership of the technical delivery of mission critical systems. He has spent the last 16 years in the healthcare industry and renal community. He managed global operational staff for the development and delivery of software and services to healthcare organizations. He has also provided management and consulting support for software companies specializing in healthcare and reimbursement systems for the laboratory industry. Prior to joining MIQS, Mike was the CEO/COO of Quantitative Medical Systems, which was the largest provider of revenue cycle management and electronic medical records solutions to the renal segment of healthcare. During his time at Quantitative Medical Systems Mike was responsible for maintaining relationships with the company's largest customers, who were some of the largest companies in the industry. Davis holds a Bachelor degree from the University  of Northern Colorado/Metropolitan State College, and a Master's degree, as well as numerous technical certifications from major hardware, database, telecommunications and software vendors.

Victor Pollak, MD - Senior Vice President, Medical Director, Founder

Dr. Pollak is a co-founder of MIQS. He is also Professor (Emeritus) of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati, and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. He has published over 300 articles in the medical literature, and is an internationally recognized leader in clinical nephrology. Dr. Pollak is a pioneer in the practical application of medical informatics to clinical practice. His provocative article, "The Computer in Medicine: Its Application To Medical Practice, Quality Control, and Cost Containment," was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1985. He was Director of Michael Reese Hospital's Renal Division from 1965-72, while on the faculty of the University of Illinois, and later the University of Chicago. For 15 years, he was Director of the Division of Nephrology at the University of Cincinnati, and Dialysis Clinic, Inc. Cincinnati.

John Flynn - Vice President of Engineering, Co-founder

Mr. Flynn is a co-founder of MIQS, and an expert on the development of healthcare information system applications. He has over 25 years of experience on advanced healthcare information systems, and has been intimately involved in the design and development of the MIQS application. He previously worked with Dr. Victor Pollak to develop a DEC-VAX based multi-center disease management system, which was praised in a 1991 report of the Institute of Medicine to the U.S. Congress. Mr. Flynn graduated from Yale University, and has held senior engineering positions with Wang Laboratories and McCaw Cellular One.


D. Douglas, M.D.
Nephrology Associates, Tulsa, OK

“MIQS allowed us to view our data in ways never before possible. Using the system, we have identified clinical conditions that otherwise would have gone unrecognized… there has been a significant positive impact on our ability to deliver better medical care.”

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