Assists in compliance: Past, Present and Future

Our programs are updated to meet CMS ESRD guidelines and regulations. Stay compliant with CMS regulations and other regulatory requirements — when new regulations are issued, MIQS manages compliance data so you can focus on what really matters…your patients. Some examples include ESRD Conditions for Coverage, CROWNWeb certification, 5010, and ICD10 coding.

Advantages of MIQS

  • Computer-generated reports to prepare for ESRD surveys and inspections.
  • Powerful security management ensures HIPAA compliance.
    • Role Based or individual security rights.
    • Granular Security Controls — over 80 information domains.
    • Access Types: None, All, Read Only, Read & Write.
    • Electronic signatures.
    • All data entered or changed has a time and user stamp which is auditable.
  • Advanced reporting supports self-audits.
  • MIQS is CROWNWeb, NRAA HIE Certified
    • Faster data entry for CROWNWeb reporting
    • Less staff time spent on reporting
    • More accurate electronic data submission
    • Automated updates from CMS on data submission status

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D. Douglas, M.D.
Nephrology Associates, Tulsa, OK

“MIQS allowed us to view our data in ways never before possible. Using the system, we have identified clinical conditions that otherwise would have gone unrecognized… there has been a significant positive impact on our ability to deliver better medical care.”

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