The Solution for Better Care and Better Outcomes

Your success depends on your ability to deliver quality care while maximizing your financial outcomes. But providing dialysis care is a complex business and the tools you choose to do your job must be efficient, effective and user-friendly.

At MIQS, we have understood this for over 20 years. Our dialysis billing programs are updated to meet CMS guidelines and regulations. MIQS’ award-winning suite of tools not only helps you improve quality of care, manage documentation and streamline administration, but will also provide you with better financial results.

MIQS includes the tools you need to succeed. Your nurses and technicians will love the workflow-based tools to manage and track your patients’ daily care. Your physicians will have the data they need to do their job and make informed decisions — when and where information is needed. Your administrators will have the tools they need to enforce compliance in an ever-changing maze of regulatory mandates. And through it all, your billing team will be able to maximize reimbursement, track expected payments and minimize man-hours mastering a complicated dialysis billing environment.

Better clinical outcomes proven

MIQS is the only end stage renal disease (ESRD) software proven to reduce mortality(1) and morbidity(2) at lower cost because it gives you all the data you need, when you need it and where you need it in the format you prefer.

MIQS is also the only software that organizes information in a way that has made it possible to increase patient hemoglobin and decrease the EPO given(3).

Improved financial results

  • Clean claims generated and filed efficiently.
  • Accurately manage and calculate revenues.
  • Avoid denials.
  • Capture all charges with single data entry.

Stand-Alone Billing

MIQS Billing Manager™ provides billing as a stand-alone solution for dialysis clinics using an EMR with clinical but no financial components.

Managing compliance

CMS reimbursement mandates are supported and billing compliance is managed effectively — even arcane rules and regulations can be followed and handled easily and without fear.

Experience and expertise

Solving problems and pioneering solutions in both US and International markets for over 20 years, our team knows what it takes to be successful in this business. We understand dialysis care and dialysis reimbursement. Our knowledge and experience can help you manage and grow your business.

See the benefits of MIQS patient management software for yourself

Handle all the clinical and administrative dialysis information system demands, with a single modern software application. That’s MIQS. If you’re interested in providing superior care, ensuring regulatory compliance, maximizing revenue and managing with a unique kind of clinical information system, contact us to schedule a demo of MIQS today.  


Paul A. Frymoyer, M.D.
St. Joseph Hospital, Syracuse, NY

“MIQS has become the central mechanism by which we operate our program. Having immediate access to patients’ current medication records, lab data, patient history and office notes has gone from fantasy to reality. There is no going back to the old way of doing business.”

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