MIQS - Delivering great value for over 20 years

MIQS'® cost effective EMR and Billing software solution delivers exceptional value by creating a unique collaborative work space proven to improve patient and financial outcomes.

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Supporting Better Dialysis Care

  • A new design of medical record - not computerization of a paper chart
  • Relational database
  • Lifetime record
  • Documentation - single entry for multiple purposes
  •  Integral decision support
  • Special clinical & financial requirements for ESRD
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Maximize Return on Investment

  • Transmit clean claims immediately after month end.
  • Complete integration of billing and clinical records.
  • Accurate, automatic billing and electronic submission of claims to payers.
  • Helps in managing operating costs.
  • Minimize denied claims.
  • 5010 Compliant, CROWNWeb certified by NRAA, ICD10 ready.
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Stand-Alone Billing Solution

Dialysis clinics, utilizing a clinical EMR that lacks financial components, can license MIQS Billing Manager™ as a stand-alone billing solution. 

Billing Manager imports the clinical data needed for billing from your current clinical EMR via charge and ADT interfaces.

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CROWNWeb Certified

  • Faster data entry for CROWNWeb
  • Less staff time spent on reporting
  • More accurate electronic data submission
  • Secure, encrypted transmission that meets HIPAA and privacy rules
  • Automated updates from CMS on data submission status
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    Financial Outcomes

What is MIQS?

Our software is a complete dialysis-focused clinical and financial software solution that empowers staff throughout your organization. The MIQS suite of tools helps you improve quality of care, manage documentation, and streamline administration. MIQS Billing Manager™ is available as a stand-alone solution for dialysis clinics using an EMR with clinical but no financial components.

Key Capabilities of the MIQS Application

  • Managing Disease
    Managing Disease
  • Managing Billing
    Managing Billing
  • Managing Workflow
    Managing Workflow
  • Managing Patient Info
    Managing Patient Info


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